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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Jul 2, 2009 8:35am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Non-Dead Politics?

Still sticky is right.

Iran-Contra laid the ground work for the shenannigans and lies that led to the invasion of Iraq (the 2nd one, based on total horse-shit).

Bush the elder got away with no fewer than two dozen utterances of 'I don't remember" or "I can't recall" in testimony regarding meetings he was in w/Ollie North, Poindexter, and the other criminals who disregarded laws passed by Congress forbidding illegal sales of weapons to the Contras.

That no price was paid (ollie & Poindexter get a couple of token months in a minimum-sec. hotel) was just the beginning of the no-accountability for high ranking govt. officials who make up their own rules, tell blatant lies to cover it all up, and stick the rest of us with the bill--both monetarily (we're still paying for those troops in Iraq, who are STILL there, whether in cities or not, thanks by the way, Barack, for nothing) and in terms of loss of credibility on the world stage.

Reagan said "tear down that wall" when he knew damn well it was already crumbling of its own accord, and said "the scariest 9 words in the English language are 'i'm from the government and i'm here to help"...which begs the question: why then should we elect you to a government job, give you the finest health care imaginable while the rest of us pick from bird droppings, saddle you with perks and gifts from lobbyists and a 6-figure salary, if all you're going to do in return is sit on your goddamned ass?

I'm voting Nader or Zippy the Pinhead in 2012, not sure which yet. What difference could it possibly make anymore?